31 December 2006

In the tradition of year end bloggers everywhere

I present to you (pom diddly pom pom) my favourite posts from the last year. Well in fact the last 6 months since I've been blogging. Apologies to all I've missed out but I love you all dearly but had to pick my top 12 faves....

Spinny bravely hands her dating disasters over to her fellow bloggers
RoMo in her inevitable style starts a new trend
We all gets heducated by Billy's excellent (but blogger busting) quiz
Patroclus is surprised by her meme making abilities
Heather starts the biggest debate of blogosphere..naughty or nice?
Heffalump offers us fantastic fashion advice
Tadpole treats us to her tickled tonsils
Beastie becomes at one with his dyson
Bob reaches five hundred
Hannah remains grounded despite dating a minor celebrity
Gary loses his meatballs
Anna helps us out with a prickly subject

So that my blogarino's is it, that's the year (well half year in my case) over and done with it. I don't do resolutions but I will really try to comment more often. Also this is my 100th post so thanks to everyone who's stuck by me, through me and all over me (especially during the drunken ramblings).

Of course we've also lost a few along the way so in the spirit of friends not forgot, please spare a minute for Molls who we all miss dearly...Molls come back we love you!

Lovin you all and hoping next year brings you all you've ever wished for
mwah mwah

p.s. Blog meet is still a happening affair on 14th Jan, possibly in the afternoon, possibly in a pub named after a bird. Details to follow once I've got hold of H.

30 December 2006

Recovered from Porn Shed

Ooh I'd forgotten about these posts which had been hiding over at the now demised porn shed so err yeh......

In fact my theory is that all blokes need a porn shed. You know somewhere to go and while away the hours whilst the wife is cooking Sunday lunch (yeh in your dreams, we'll all take the opportunity whilst your off fiddling with your bits to have a fiddle with ours whilst conversing with Pedro from Brazil who's hung like a horse).But seriously, men of the world unite, please go and buy sheds and bedeck them with comfy armchairs, carpeting and shelves, thus leaving under the bed areas and bedside cabinets free of porn. Porn should be celebrated and have its own place it can call home.


Gawd forbid if anyone had come and knocked on my door today as they would've have been greeted by a very scary sight..Following on from Billy's 'what do you wear whilst blogging' post(created cause he's a bit of an old perv and wants to hear all about people blogging in their pants!) - today I have mostly been wearing...rubbish. The good old postie would have been greeted by me, minus make-up, hair scrunched up in a top knot, blue (complete with bleach stains) halter neck summer top, old manky grey fleecy shorts and luminous green socks (courtesy of Virgin Atlantic, thank you very much Mr Branson). Luckily I have decided not to answer the door (as I fear a quick trip to the loony bin) and housemate is away 'with the lads' so have house all to myself to run amok with my fashion crimes (the cats don't really care although they do give me the odd quizzical look). Oh and the reason for this crime against humanity - I've been trying to clear out the loft, nuff said methinks.

29 December 2006

12 disliked drinks

1. Pernod
2. Campari
3. Whisky, brandy, rum
4. Herbal teas, speshly camomile
5. Caffeine style high energy drinks
6. Lucozade
7. Malibu
8. Banana flavoured milkshake
9. Black coffee or even black tea (I mean really what do people think cows were invented for?)
10. Anything that involves pineapple
11. Taboo...anyone remember that? Was along the lines of Thunderbird one recalls

12. Badly made, strong tea..sorry if you make me strong tea I will search you house for lactose to make it tolerant again (see what I did there?)

***Thanks to everyone re kind thoughts regarding cats. Unfortunately it looks like Holly is gone forever (I can only hope the end was swift for her). Honey is back home and still a bit wibbly (though to be fair she always was and often resembles one of those nodding dogs). So she's eating everything, sleeping all the time, has to go back in a week to check that the brace thing is doing the job and healing the fracture and then back in 3 weeks for brace removal, all for the tune of £260! Does still look like the joker from Batman though, so quite cool really.

26 December 2006

12 fave drinks

1. Rose and white wine (medium dry)
2. Tea
3. Milk
4. Diet coke in particular cherry flavoured and yes I know it cleans toilets and all that
5. Baileys
6. Archers
7. Grapefruit juice
8. Cinzano and Advocaat (and yes I do know how awful they are, but such memories!)
9. Lemon water
10. Very milky irish coffee
11. Singapore Sling's
12. Summer punch (lambrusco, bacardi and tropical fruit juice - yummers)

***Cat update - 1 has returned - well almost. Went out today to find a notice pinned on a lamppost regarding a cat that had been found and taken to the vets last Thursday. 1 trip to vets, reunited with cat who had been hit by a car on Thursday night. Cat has to have jaw wired but otherwise is very happy, content, eating everything the vets put in front of her and should be back with us tomorrow night. Currently resembles the joker and looks very hard!

Only things is - what's happened to the other bugger?

25 December 2006

12 Famous people I hate (or quite dislike)

1. Piers Morgan
2. John Prescott
3. June Sarpong
4. John Sessions
5. Michael Parkinson
6. George Bush
7. That creationist blokey in the States
8. Ainsley Harriot, Jamie Oliver & Gary Rhodes
9. Tom Cruise
10. Tracey Emin
11. Jethro & Bernard Manning
12. Anyone intolerant of others (yes this is said with my tongue firmly lodged in my cheek regarding the previous entries!)

24 December 2006

Tis a Christmas miracoille I tells ya

Yeh first of, I hope many Christmas miracoils...As previously stated on this blog my damn effin smart phone has been decidedly dumb over recent weeks and won't sync (look at me getting all technical) with my pc. Its been in and out of its cradle like the proverbial (look who's birthday it is tommorrow) crouping baby. Anyhoo today's I takes it downstairs for a little rest and text one of my work colleagues who is coming round for Xmas lunch as her boyf is spending Xmas with his mum in Londinium and she's all on her own (so I invited her over cause I'm nice like that). Anyway I puts phone back in its cradle and ta da, little whirlygig thing starts whirling, makes a pingdy pongy noise and we're back in business!

So for your delight 2 piccies for ya's

1. Taken at start of December at 1720 on my way home from work to prove just how gloriously long the British summer was this year.
2. Taken about a week ago at 0745 to prove just how dark and dismal it's got recently (yes winter has finally arrived). I love it, all rain, dark, cold..fan flippin tabulous.

And finally wishing you all a VERY MERRY CRIMBO and wondrous New year - who loves ya baby! :)

23 December 2006

12 famous people I like

1. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
2. Nick Knowles
3. Nigella Lawson
4. All the Green Wing Cast
5. Simon Pegg & Stephen Merchant
6. Richard Hammond
7. Dawn French
8. Victoria Wood & Julie Walters
9. Damian Lewis
10. Paul Merton & Ed Byrne
11. Stephen Fry & Alan Davies
12. Julian Clary, Melinda Messenger , Billie Piper (but not Mark Lamarr and yes there is a link between them)

p.s. 2 of the cats have gone missing..am really worried as I think someone might have nabbed them as they never stray far from the door, and 2 to go missing at the same time is incredibly bad luck.

22 December 2006

12 fave foods

1. Mashed potato
2. Chilli (with obligatory yorkshire puds)
3. Roast Lamb
4. Jelly tots, strawberry laces, fizzy cola bottles (speshly the really sharp ones)
5. Mushrooms
6. Chicken wrapped in bacon
7. Steak with stilton and mushroom sauce
8. Tuna, cheese melts
9. Cooked breakfast with poached eggs, but no tomatoes, fried bread or hash browns..bleurgh
10. Roast Beef
11. Pizza (pepperoni)
12. Chinese (any of it but in particular crispy duck and spicy smoked chicken)

19 December 2006

12 foodstuffs I hate (well quite dislike)

1. Coconut
2. Marzipan
3. Stilton (unless melted)
4. any type smelly French cheese
5. Most fish (really wish I liked it as fancy myself a bit of a Rick Stein in the kitchen – much nicer than the fat tongued Jamie Oliver)
6. Liquorice
7. Peppers
8. Aniseed and therefore I guess celeriac
9. Orange flavoured things, oranges ok, orange flavoured things not so, including chocolate oranges, not even chocolate can redeem this one
10. Apricots and dates
11. Not fussed on ginger flavoured stuff either
12. Offal

12 Things I hate

1. Cruelty to animals
2. Smoking around children
3. Arrogance
4. Chelsea tractors
5. R&B, Rap and 'boy bands' and other simpering music
6. Wasps - they serve no purpose exterminate the lot of them
7. Girls that need a boy to feel good about themselves and do the girlie thing like screaming at spiders (I mean all they've really done is deafen the poor thing)
8. Call centres and the British ability to provide bad customer service wherever you go
9. Pennies and 2p's - they make me feel dirty
10. Intolerance of others lifestyles/views
11. Snobbery
12. Cats jumping on/across your head at ungodly hour's of the morning

Feck me!

Notice the use of feck there, just so certain groups don't get all het up and report me to buggering blogger! Anyhoo the feck me was as a result of my rememberance of some long forgotten blog posts that I'd always meant to post in December, it being the 12th month and all.

So here comes my not so seasonal lists of 12....

12 Things I Like
1. Stomping good tunes with strong lyrics
2. Men with any of the following: long hair, long legs, slightly effeminate looking, looks good in stockings, bit of stubble, bit rough (really a guy who looks like a tortured art student)
3. Abstract art and contemporary architecture
4. Halloween and goth related decor, anything where I can indulge my dark side
5. Cats but not cat related items (i.e I'm not barmy)
6. The British self deprecating sense of humour
7. Tea (milk no sugar please)
8. White Grenache by Mr's Gallo (Guys if you want to sponsor this blog feel free to send me a crate or 10)
9. Chick Lit
10. Bloggers... was going to say most but actually I've never met another blogger who I haven't liked, but then I only read blogs that I do like..if you get my drift
11. Generosity of the English, a certain 'group' of anonymous people will know what I mean - and yes I will sort out something and email you all when I can work out how to do it!
12. Boys - yes I know that's the same as no.2 but I mean in a work sense as boys are so much more straightforward than lassies and believe me its not just the 18 year olds who have issues!

I'm sure there's loads more but this was all assembled in 2 mins flat.

10 December 2006

The 'Do'

Scores on the doors =
Alcohol units - countless
Minutes spent on dancefloor - approx 180
Blast from the past - 1
Snoggage - 0
Slow dance - 1
Number of toes stood on by other dancers - 2
Minutes spent wearing a trilby - approx 160
Number of fights - almost 1
Number of exes present - 0
Alcoholic drinks brought by me - 1 (at £3.35 for an Archers and lemonade that's all I could afford)
Number of 'borrowed' items - 3

08 December 2006

Han experriment *hic*

Ok so I am post work lunch do and ahve sent housemate out for a couple of bottles of vino, and see as how its thst efstive time of year and i love all my little blogarino's so much, I thought I'd revert to the drunken ramblings that used to frequent this blog. So inted to periodically post throughout the night as my drunken stupor continues, typos and all. (If its good enought for Romo then its more than good enought for me).
So MSN girlies beware - I may well repeat snippets of conversation and I apologise in advance for the undoubetdly lewd conversation that will ensue.
I promise to be a good girl and not mention elather trousers...........well I'll try ;)

bring on the games.....

It's great not checking for typos init! Oh and word verification can piss right off...bloody torture emthod designed to encourage sobriety ..arrghhhh

Update 1 - Oh we went here and had soem sort of horsey douvry things including fishy pate and eggs (glad i haven't got a date tonight) then some strange sausage soup, then some v nice beefy stuff and then a pink and white pudding. Spent the afternoon surrounded by old codgers but tried to raise the elvel of conversation with my rabbit conversation - not sur eof I suceeded...hmmmm

2100 update - beginnign to sober up, how can that be..i've imbided 2 glasses fo white a archers and lemonade and a whole bottle of rosé????
2200 - 2nd bottle open and no mention of leather trousers - i must be goetting boring!

sat 0700 update - well that was riveting for everyone wasn't it! Don't think we'll be rushing to do that again, right off the the shops for sparkly tights. Love all x

05 December 2006

Tis the season

Actually that's a shit title isn't it but I was never any good with titles and I think I've used err and ho hum way too many times, so that's about as riveting as its gonna get. So then, I am aware that the silvery sheen has come off this blog but thought I better post something just in case there's some lonely soul out there still reading this drivel. Not that I care about that you understand but I'd hate for you to find out where I live and end up on my doorstep with a torch, pitchfork or even worse, threatening to sing Christmas carols.

Aoo...ermm...yeh well like - oh I don't know bollocks to it all, is what I say, so some seemingly random thoughts (actually all my thoughts are random and don't do the connect the dots thing, well they do in my head but no one else can see the logic).
*Bargain's been and got himself girlified, yep that's right the Lordster has been and got himself loved up and I for one am chuffed to bits for him. However this leads me to the conclusion that all the single bloggers are increasingly getting paired off. You mark my words, Spinny will be next and that'll leave just me, all by my ownsome, no one to talk to cause all my chums are off having flipping SEX! BASTARDS.

*Blog Roll - Despite the fact that I'm crap at commenting on blogs, I want to reassure everyone that if you're over there (yes that little sidebar thing, that no one ever looks at) then you're on my blogroll and everytime you write something I do come and have a look at it. I just can't think of anything witty or interesting to say or frankly some of you intimidate me with your intellect and knowledge (mainly about music and cinema and the arts and 'girly' stuff like that).

*Blog meet - ok So the lovely Dazed and confuzzled Heather (yes she is still alive and hasn't been squished in an awful motoring accident/incident/accident) will be in London on 14th Jan, so does anyone fancy meeting in an establishment of the beverage serving kind? We're about for most the weekend but the Sunday works well for us. How's about it blogarino's?

*Quiz - Anyone up for doing a Christmas Quiz..we all had a great time at Molly's & Bills, perhaps we could do another one. I could probably rustle up a festive film thingy but am stuck for anything else. Ideas? Dates? Talking to myself?

*Doing the social thing - so this weekend will be manic..I have the office 'do' on Friday lunchtime which won't finish til at least 4 and consists of ALL female supervisors getting pissed up and learing at the waiting staff (well at least I hope its like that and not all 'refined'), Saturday is the work (work being different to office) evening do, all evening dress (mine = green!) and that stuff, strangely enough will be going as singleton but ex is going too and is giving me a lift - will be v strange for all involved, cept us, cause we IS civilised, finally Sunday sees post hangover recovery with the Blazingsmoke lot, cept I think its nearer Reading and even though she's Scottish we've allowed the lovely Heather to join us!
Well you know charity begins at home and all that ;)

*Life - Still no boyf (past caring), work v busy (still don't care), swimming every day (v proud), faffing about with panitshop pro (v amusing) doing website/helping with music for some 'do' (v fun), results in me - v busy, tired and content.
Oh and smart phone is not living up to its name by having a complete mare and not uploading anything, so can't show you my pretty pictures from 0745 the other morning - bummer.

*Christmas - feck off, can't even be arsed to put up a tree and going to spend my time drinking, eating, watching crap TV and surfing the internet for Christmas porn (is there such a thing?). Bliss!

Oops sorry that all went on a bit long - don't do long posts, plus I've got a bruise on my kunckle, how'd that happen?

***Update - realised that of course I don't have a bruise on my kunckle, as that just sounds filthy but actually think it's a good word, so am going to leave it be, oh and just for Kim, really boringly I was sat writing poetry, getting cold and loving it!***