26 December 2006

12 fave drinks

1. Rose and white wine (medium dry)
2. Tea
3. Milk
4. Diet coke in particular cherry flavoured and yes I know it cleans toilets and all that
5. Baileys
6. Archers
7. Grapefruit juice
8. Cinzano and Advocaat (and yes I do know how awful they are, but such memories!)
9. Lemon water
10. Very milky irish coffee
11. Singapore Sling's
12. Summer punch (lambrusco, bacardi and tropical fruit juice - yummers)

***Cat update - 1 has returned - well almost. Went out today to find a notice pinned on a lamppost regarding a cat that had been found and taken to the vets last Thursday. 1 trip to vets, reunited with cat who had been hit by a car on Thursday night. Cat has to have jaw wired but otherwise is very happy, content, eating everything the vets put in front of her and should be back with us tomorrow night. Currently resembles the joker and looks very hard!

Only things is - what's happened to the other bugger?


realdoc said...

I love grapefruit and pineapple juice mixed, try it , it's yum. When I am not hungover I mostly drink gin and wine but not usually together.

llewtrah said...

Glad cat is back. Earlier this year Thenie vanished. 2 days later there was a notice on a lamppost about a stray. I tracked her down to the vets (luckily my vets), disabused the finder of any notion of adoption (not hard - Thenie was turning herself into a scarf and trying to crawl into my jumper), microchipped her, negotiated her thyroid treatment with vet (she'd looked skinny and neglected - never mind consuming her own bodyweight in Waitrose finest!) and kept her under house arrest and on tablets for 6 months until her thyroid was removed. She prefers to stay indoors after that experience. Vet cages are not to her liking.