22 December 2006

12 fave foods

1. Mashed potato
2. Chilli (with obligatory yorkshire puds)
3. Roast Lamb
4. Jelly tots, strawberry laces, fizzy cola bottles (speshly the really sharp ones)
5. Mushrooms
6. Chicken wrapped in bacon
7. Steak with stilton and mushroom sauce
8. Tuna, cheese melts
9. Cooked breakfast with poached eggs, but no tomatoes, fried bread or hash browns..bleurgh
10. Roast Beef
11. Pizza (pepperoni)
12. Chinese (any of it but in particular crispy duck and spicy smoked chicken)

1 comment:

Billy said...

Re the Chinese, do you like hot and sour soup. That's proper yummers.