31 December 2006

In the tradition of year end bloggers everywhere

I present to you (pom diddly pom pom) my favourite posts from the last year. Well in fact the last 6 months since I've been blogging. Apologies to all I've missed out but I love you all dearly but had to pick my top 12 faves....

Spinny bravely hands her dating disasters over to her fellow bloggers
RoMo in her inevitable style starts a new trend
We all gets heducated by Billy's excellent (but blogger busting) quiz
Patroclus is surprised by her meme making abilities
Heather starts the biggest debate of blogosphere..naughty or nice?
Heffalump offers us fantastic fashion advice
Tadpole treats us to her tickled tonsils
Beastie becomes at one with his dyson
Bob reaches five hundred
Hannah remains grounded despite dating a minor celebrity
Gary loses his meatballs
Anna helps us out with a prickly subject

So that my blogarino's is it, that's the year (well half year in my case) over and done with it. I don't do resolutions but I will really try to comment more often. Also this is my 100th post so thanks to everyone who's stuck by me, through me and all over me (especially during the drunken ramblings).

Of course we've also lost a few along the way so in the spirit of friends not forgot, please spare a minute for Molls who we all miss dearly...Molls come back we love you!

Lovin you all and hoping next year brings you all you've ever wished for
mwah mwah

p.s. Blog meet is still a happening affair on 14th Jan, possibly in the afternoon, possibly in a pub named after a bird. Details to follow once I've got hold of H.

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