08 December 2006

Han experriment *hic*

Ok so I am post work lunch do and ahve sent housemate out for a couple of bottles of vino, and see as how its thst efstive time of year and i love all my little blogarino's so much, I thought I'd revert to the drunken ramblings that used to frequent this blog. So inted to periodically post throughout the night as my drunken stupor continues, typos and all. (If its good enought for Romo then its more than good enought for me).
So MSN girlies beware - I may well repeat snippets of conversation and I apologise in advance for the undoubetdly lewd conversation that will ensue.
I promise to be a good girl and not mention elather trousers...........well I'll try ;)

bring on the games.....

It's great not checking for typos init! Oh and word verification can piss right off...bloody torture emthod designed to encourage sobriety ..arrghhhh

Update 1 - Oh we went here and had soem sort of horsey douvry things including fishy pate and eggs (glad i haven't got a date tonight) then some strange sausage soup, then some v nice beefy stuff and then a pink and white pudding. Spent the afternoon surrounded by old codgers but tried to raise the elvel of conversation with my rabbit conversation - not sur eof I suceeded...hmmmm

2100 update - beginnign to sober up, how can that be..i've imbided 2 glasses fo white a archers and lemonade and a whole bottle of rosé????
2200 - 2nd bottle open and no mention of leather trousers - i must be goetting boring!

sat 0700 update - well that was riveting for everyone wasn't it! Don't think we'll be rushing to do that again, right off the the shops for sparkly tights. Love all x


Billy said...

"elather trousers"

Sounds painful. I've just drank 2 cans of beer as quickly as possible, now I'm off to my party. I shall return... drunk most likely.

Billy said...

where's the leather trouser references then? *sigh*

chatterbox said...

Jools - Blogger wouldn't let me post last night for some reason, but please elaborate...'Rabbit conversation'? Does this have anything to do with leather trousers?