05 December 2006

Tis the season

Actually that's a shit title isn't it but I was never any good with titles and I think I've used err and ho hum way too many times, so that's about as riveting as its gonna get. So then, I am aware that the silvery sheen has come off this blog but thought I better post something just in case there's some lonely soul out there still reading this drivel. Not that I care about that you understand but I'd hate for you to find out where I live and end up on my doorstep with a torch, pitchfork or even worse, threatening to sing Christmas carols.

Aoo...ermm...yeh well like - oh I don't know bollocks to it all, is what I say, so some seemingly random thoughts (actually all my thoughts are random and don't do the connect the dots thing, well they do in my head but no one else can see the logic).
*Bargain's been and got himself girlified, yep that's right the Lordster has been and got himself loved up and I for one am chuffed to bits for him. However this leads me to the conclusion that all the single bloggers are increasingly getting paired off. You mark my words, Spinny will be next and that'll leave just me, all by my ownsome, no one to talk to cause all my chums are off having flipping SEX! BASTARDS.

*Blog Roll - Despite the fact that I'm crap at commenting on blogs, I want to reassure everyone that if you're over there (yes that little sidebar thing, that no one ever looks at) then you're on my blogroll and everytime you write something I do come and have a look at it. I just can't think of anything witty or interesting to say or frankly some of you intimidate me with your intellect and knowledge (mainly about music and cinema and the arts and 'girly' stuff like that).

*Blog meet - ok So the lovely Dazed and confuzzled Heather (yes she is still alive and hasn't been squished in an awful motoring accident/incident/accident) will be in London on 14th Jan, so does anyone fancy meeting in an establishment of the beverage serving kind? We're about for most the weekend but the Sunday works well for us. How's about it blogarino's?

*Quiz - Anyone up for doing a Christmas Quiz..we all had a great time at Molly's & Bills, perhaps we could do another one. I could probably rustle up a festive film thingy but am stuck for anything else. Ideas? Dates? Talking to myself?

*Doing the social thing - so this weekend will be manic..I have the office 'do' on Friday lunchtime which won't finish til at least 4 and consists of ALL female supervisors getting pissed up and learing at the waiting staff (well at least I hope its like that and not all 'refined'), Saturday is the work (work being different to office) evening do, all evening dress (mine = green!) and that stuff, strangely enough will be going as singleton but ex is going too and is giving me a lift - will be v strange for all involved, cept us, cause we IS civilised, finally Sunday sees post hangover recovery with the Blazingsmoke lot, cept I think its nearer Reading and even though she's Scottish we've allowed the lovely Heather to join us!
Well you know charity begins at home and all that ;)

*Life - Still no boyf (past caring), work v busy (still don't care), swimming every day (v proud), faffing about with panitshop pro (v amusing) doing website/helping with music for some 'do' (v fun), results in me - v busy, tired and content.
Oh and smart phone is not living up to its name by having a complete mare and not uploading anything, so can't show you my pretty pictures from 0745 the other morning - bummer.

*Christmas - feck off, can't even be arsed to put up a tree and going to spend my time drinking, eating, watching crap TV and surfing the internet for Christmas porn (is there such a thing?). Bliss!

Oops sorry that all went on a bit long - don't do long posts, plus I've got a bruise on my kunckle, how'd that happen?

***Update - realised that of course I don't have a bruise on my kunckle, as that just sounds filthy but actually think it's a good word, so am going to leave it be, oh and just for Kim, really boringly I was sat writing poetry, getting cold and loving it!***


Lord Bargain said...

you have a bruise on your kunckle?

ouch. sounds nasty.

pass the ointment, matron! (etc)

chatterbox said...

A bruise on the kuncle can be particularly painful!

I just thought I would point out you do have a dedicated public of at least one lurking reader (yes that's me!) I'm still waiting to hear what you were doing in the rain all those weeks ago....

Billy said...

Christmas porn sounds disturbing.

Yay to quiz, meet etc.

Hannah said...

"all the single bloggers are increasingly getting paired off"

Pah. Is all I have to say on the matter.

chatterbox said...

Thank you Jools, I can sleep at night now, without conjuring up increasingly bizarre scenarios... :)

Suitably dramatic way to write poetry though - as long as the rain wasn't dripping down your neck.

corin said...

Christmas porn: It does exist. I don't actually own any of it, but was instead watching a 'documentary' on five about porn and it featured someone getting rogered by santa and his elves, played by midget pornstars. I'm not making this up.

It was one of the most disturbing things I've seen on five.

Sunday 14th sounds excellent. The only day of the week I'm not at work until 21.30

realdoc said...

Blog roll...I'm not on it, bollocks.
Meet ...yeah I'll be in London that weekend as well funnily enough.

pah to life, christmas and everything else.