19 December 2006

Feck me!

Notice the use of feck there, just so certain groups don't get all het up and report me to buggering blogger! Anyhoo the feck me was as a result of my rememberance of some long forgotten blog posts that I'd always meant to post in December, it being the 12th month and all.

So here comes my not so seasonal lists of 12....

12 Things I Like
1. Stomping good tunes with strong lyrics
2. Men with any of the following: long hair, long legs, slightly effeminate looking, looks good in stockings, bit of stubble, bit rough (really a guy who looks like a tortured art student)
3. Abstract art and contemporary architecture
4. Halloween and goth related decor, anything where I can indulge my dark side
5. Cats but not cat related items (i.e I'm not barmy)
6. The British self deprecating sense of humour
7. Tea (milk no sugar please)
8. White Grenache by Mr's Gallo (Guys if you want to sponsor this blog feel free to send me a crate or 10)
9. Chick Lit
10. Bloggers... was going to say most but actually I've never met another blogger who I haven't liked, but then I only read blogs that I do like..if you get my drift
11. Generosity of the English, a certain 'group' of anonymous people will know what I mean - and yes I will sort out something and email you all when I can work out how to do it!
12. Boys - yes I know that's the same as no.2 but I mean in a work sense as boys are so much more straightforward than lassies and believe me its not just the 18 year olds who have issues!

I'm sure there's loads more but this was all assembled in 2 mins flat.


Billy said...

Ooh you could make a meme out of this.

I also like abstract art and tea with no sugar.

Lord Bargain said...

re: 7. Quite right, too. Milky, also, thanks.

corin said...

You are the perfect woman. There's even the odd weird difference to keep life interesting: For example, I take my tea with sugar, but without milk, and prefer a nice shiraz.