14 April 2007


Ok so I have fairly permanently decamped to munterspace (linky in the right bar somewhere near the bottom). I know, I know, I never thought I'd be a munter either, but it's bloody addictive and actually a damn site easier than blogger and doesn't eat my posts!

So shenanigans are over on myspaz, including double trouble with 2 comedians this time - oh yes I've only been and done it again, must learn to keep me gob shut.

I categorically refute the fact that I am a slutty freakboat! :)

See you over there folks. :)

04 April 2007

Bloglines ate my gerbil

Ok well not my gerbil but they have eaten any beta blogs, which means I'm way behind on my reading. Thinking of ditching this place as I'm double posting over on munterland as well and find it difficult to keep up with all the split personalities.

So if I disappear in a couple of weeks, you'll know where I've gone...


03 April 2007

Unidentified pants contents

(and no it's not a penis!)

Ok so following on from the mascara incident - I discovered, late today, what can only be described as a 'thing' in my pants!
I have NO clue what it was and I'm almost certain it didn't come from me. I can only describe it as a cross between a peanut skin (you know the inner little bronzey coloured husk, not the shell) and a part of cherry, like you'd get in a muffin.

Now I did have a cherry cookie the other day (and yummers it was too) but that was like 3 days ago and I don't generally spend my time shoving cherries down my pants *insert witty/sarky comment here* or indeed have discovered my hidden talent of 'expelling' cherries from my lady bits.

I'm waiting to see what'll appear next.....grape, orange, melon, fruit salad?
Anyone wanna place a bet?