27 September 2006

Ladies that lunch

See and who said my family weren't posh???

26 September 2006

It's going to be one of those weeks

So I managed to consume free curry on Friday and drive to Leicestershire on Saturday but come Sunday everything has gone tits up!

  • Drove half an hour to lunch at a semi posh country club and the car starts spouting steam - long story short, saw me spending my Sunday evening with a nice man called John in the cab of a breakdown recovery vehicle being returned to Wiltshire.
  • Car then went in for MOT (failed on 2 minor points) and expansion tank cap is sought - trip to 2 garages later and no joy, dinner on route eventually returned home at about half seven last night.
  • Off to course today and there's a huge possibility of the course being cancelled due to lack of numbers.
  • Return to work and world war III has broken out between 2 members of my team.
  • New expansion tank cap purchased only to find that MOT garage had already replaced it - waste of money then.
So we're only on Tuesday - what else can happen?

Oh and to top it all that wee sneaky sidling one has only been and got himself 'romantically' involved - leaving me to be the only blogger sans snogging (well so it seems anyway).
(To be fair the snogging issue isn't really helped by me listening to Lady Chatterley's lover and get overly interested in the 'naughty' bits - sigh).

24 September 2006


Have JUST and I mean JUST got home from the wilds of Leicestershire ---- arrrghhhh nightmare, too tired to blog about will tell you all tomorrow!

21 September 2006


So I'm sure everyone has heard about the terrible news regarding Richard Hammond and I'm not normally one for public outpourings. He just strikes me as a really top guy, one of those 'it shouldn't have happened to' and I just wanted to mention it.
Hammond Family - our thoughts are with you and I'm sure everyone hopes that Richard makes a full and speedy recovery.

20 September 2006

What I'd miss if I moved to London #1

Hi my little blogarino's - so sorry I've been neglecting you this week but new job is being a bitch and I can barely eat my tea each night let alone think of something witty or relevant to say (yeh yeh I hear you saying - when did that ever happen then Jools?)..so instead I thought I'd start a wee list of things I'll miss if/when I move to London:

So here's the first thing: Where I live

(all of these were taken at approx 40mph at about 5pm today and show my very quick (15 mins) journey home, which is fields and dead pheasants all the way). Quite impressed with the photos at the speed I was going but did get a few odd looks from other motorists who probably thought I was trying to snap them speeding.

A Blogging Plea - I'm off to the parentals at the weekend which means no t'internet for me, so please please don't write too much on your blogs! I'm currently subscribing to over 20 blogs and find it really difficult to read all of them every day and will have heaps to catch up on. So my lovelies - IF you really feel the need to blog a please from me for conciseness (don't think that's a word but who the hell cares!) please please please (puppy dog expression).

Toodle pip and all that.

16 September 2006

I AM a domestic goddess

It's official I am the next Nigella Lawson (well I have got the hips and the tits but kind of missed out on the sultry eyes). Today I have mostly been making, home cooking. I've made 2 types of frittata, leek & potato soup and butternut squash soup, which is yummers as Bills would say.
Can anyone actually tell me the correct and easiest way of chopping up a butternut squash? They're buggers aren't they? I did much better today than normal though, my trip to Asda at 8am must have left me feeling all empowered or something!

Also thanks to Bills and another (he who won't be mentioned) who very wisely pointed me in the direction of the Dresden Dolls. They're a bit fab aren't they? How can I have spent 32 and a bit years on the planet and never listened to them. Folks - please feel free to suggest more muzac for my listening pleasure.

Oh and big up to the podders out there, RoMo, Bills, Bobby & Issy - come on your feckers join the podding revolution.
Oh and Heather - where's your piccies of your bedroom then girl?


So as I'm suffering from a severe lack of any lucid thought, just some things to amuse you...

Nicked unashamedly from Slurker and others, these are apparently my celebrity twins.....

This is today's 'stalkers' map and word search thing.....

And finally courtesy of James, my very pretty blog spider diagram/70's lamp style doodah

10 September 2006

Soundtrack of my life - part 3

Exactly as it says on the tin - 3rd part is up complete with husky voice and parental warning.

09 September 2006

The Big smoke

I have returned, oh victorious and valiant tube mistress of the nether world...Not a huge amount to tell but suffice to say that mate and I had a lovely time in London. So in short our London report
Board megabus outside a supermarket complete with rucksacks and bed hair
Disembark megabus at Victoria and head towards V&A
Follow mate's directions which means we end up in Pimlico and retrace steps back to V&A
Arrive at V&A by a series of luck and deposit bags and head for nearest tea establishment
Thirst and hunger abated spend jolly afternoon looking for the modernism exhibit in V&A to discover said exhibit has finished, make a brass rubbing and fart arse about with he 'kids' stuff and have jolly nice chat with a chap re 20th century exhibit
Mate decides to go on London Eye so ask for directions from nice V&A lady
Enter scary tube station (not really) get day pass and woof off we go
Alight at Westminster with me with head in tube map trying to work out which bridge to go over, mate then tugs my sleeve to make me turn 90 degrees, where great big stonking wheel is blocking my view (Huzzah much hilarity, tourists thinking we're mad)
Do our 'Best of British' and join queue and watch wedding procession
Alight London eye with loud drunk people (sigh) take photties and watch the cute men in the pod below
More tube, head to hotel
Sardines at Piccadilly, lots of 'bloody tourists' looks from commuters (hee)
Alight at Marylebone to find hotel, oh there it is right in front of us - lush beds...can we go to sleep now?
Back on tube towards Leicester Square and into Chinatown
1 yummy chinese and bottle of wine later - where next?
Bimble to Convent Garden in search of watering hole
Little look around, went past the Fortune (Sorry Corin I was a bit worse for wear and wanted to be on my best behaviour)
Onto Soho, got lost, back to Leicester Square
Ooh nice pub, more drinks and boy spotting (huzzah), comfy sofas..hmm too much to drink
Back on tube to hotel and comfy beds (Mate fell asleep before finishing cup of tea and with her glasses still on!)
Wakey wakey - big boys breakfast
Tube, Victoria (lost again), megabus....Home.....TEA!

06 September 2006

Feng Shui works

No honestly it must do. As you know I recently rearranged my bedroom and although I didn't admit to it at the time I also took into consideration my best positions (stay with me folks we're talking feng shui here and nothing else as we all know I've had bugger all practice at any other types of position of late). Anyhoo the damned thing seems to be working as they've only...gone...and...promoted me! Just like that and everything..boss lady is moving to another job so me and one of me bestest mates are splitting the job between us.
Good thing - the extra money
Bad thing - loads extra work cause they're not replacing boss lady and I have to take on half her work as well as my own
Extra bad thing - I really do have to be responsible now!
Mind you I made up for it by wearing my hair in bunches all weekend.

Off to London on Friday so probably won't get the chance to post but do get the opportunity of spreading my germs around Covent Garden - huzzah

Btw - how come Billy's post about shoes gets shedloads of comments and my pornshed shoe postings get bugger all - fickle lot! ;) (just cause he's cute and fluffy)

03 September 2006

So this is what you do when you can't sleep

and all your mates are tucked up in bed and you've finished spouting off some lame attempt at poetry....

you do a google search for 'rock gods' and 'leather trousers' and oh boy look what you come up with - Yummers!

Clockwise - Gavin, Chris, Anthony, Axl, Brett, Dave, Eddie, Matt, James, Dave

Oh for goodness sake

What to do when you've drunk yet another bottle of rosé cause your mouth feels like it's been swallowing swords all day and you're not actually part of 'The Great Pretendo's' circus troupé?

and all your mates are safely tucked up in their beds...hum de hum

02 September 2006

Crappity crap

Feel like crap, damned housemate has give me his cold, so currently feel like I have razorblades down my throat - so apologies for lack of posting but Mr bug has stripped me of any creative thoughts....anyway hopefully the pic will make you smile (bless em)

01 September 2006

Soundtrack of my life - Part 2

Ok so the next part of soundtrack of my life can be found here, but it really is shameful 80's tatt and as I want you all to continue reading and commenting I strongly recommend that you don't listen

Also I'm still waiting for you all to submit your posts to bloggers bedrooms, just provide a link and we'll do the voting in a week or two

Love and huggles

***Biffer alert - anyone know how to get the dark greeny bit to stretch all the way down the page - new beta blogger = cool, new beta biffer = not so cool?