30 December 2006


Gawd forbid if anyone had come and knocked on my door today as they would've have been greeted by a very scary sight..Following on from Billy's 'what do you wear whilst blogging' post(created cause he's a bit of an old perv and wants to hear all about people blogging in their pants!) - today I have mostly been wearing...rubbish. The good old postie would have been greeted by me, minus make-up, hair scrunched up in a top knot, blue (complete with bleach stains) halter neck summer top, old manky grey fleecy shorts and luminous green socks (courtesy of Virgin Atlantic, thank you very much Mr Branson). Luckily I have decided not to answer the door (as I fear a quick trip to the loony bin) and housemate is away 'with the lads' so have house all to myself to run amok with my fashion crimes (the cats don't really care although they do give me the odd quizzical look). Oh and the reason for this crime against humanity - I've been trying to clear out the loft, nuff said methinks.

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