29 December 2006

12 disliked drinks

1. Pernod
2. Campari
3. Whisky, brandy, rum
4. Herbal teas, speshly camomile
5. Caffeine style high energy drinks
6. Lucozade
7. Malibu
8. Banana flavoured milkshake
9. Black coffee or even black tea (I mean really what do people think cows were invented for?)
10. Anything that involves pineapple
11. Taboo...anyone remember that? Was along the lines of Thunderbird one recalls

12. Badly made, strong tea..sorry if you make me strong tea I will search you house for lactose to make it tolerant again (see what I did there?)

***Thanks to everyone re kind thoughts regarding cats. Unfortunately it looks like Holly is gone forever (I can only hope the end was swift for her). Honey is back home and still a bit wibbly (though to be fair she always was and often resembles one of those nodding dogs). So she's eating everything, sleeping all the time, has to go back in a week to check that the brace thing is doing the job and healing the fracture and then back in 3 weeks for brace removal, all for the tune of £260! Does still look like the joker from Batman though, so quite cool really.


chatterbox said...

Well I'm certainly with you on the herbal teas - disgusting stuff, without even the redeeming feature of caffeine.

Sorry about your Holly cat Jools, although I am glad that Honey is doing well with her new look.

Sarah said...

Haven't kept up very well.
Sorry to hear about Holly. *hugs*

Banana milkshake is bad.
Pinapple flavoured Finlandia vodka tastes of feet.

Billy said...

I remember taboo. It was classier than thunderbird, but not much.