22 November 2006

Falling back on a bloggers favourite

Oh yes I'm in that most esteemed bloggers 'I've run out of things to say' club, so I fall back on a blogger's favourite. Why post something witty or thought provoking (not that I ever did) when you can put a link up to something else? Anyway made me chuckle *hee hee he he he!*


#....la la la lah la la la lahhhhhhh....#

14 November 2006

Feeling sorry for myself

Ok so I know I promised I wasn't going to do another one of these, 'woah is me' posts but honestly what a shitty few weeks I'm having...

No boyf, sign of boyf or even snoggage since February
Work is crappity crap and I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that people bring me their problems and want me to wave a magic wand for them so they all disappear. I mean honestly I should write a book about the inane drivel and ridiculous comments I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Other 'special interests' are beginning to hack me off, because I work strongly on validation and not getting responses (good or bad) is seriously pissing me off.
oh and no one wants to come out and play with me next week and from comments to the previous post I am obviously a sex mad munter!

Finally to top it all my tarot cards say I'm in for sweeping changes and fruition of past hard work...WHEN!!!! I mean seriously oh smart arsed tarot - When the fucking when??? Its been saying that for 3 months and diddly fucking squat - nothing has changed...apart from being more frustrated and more stressed.

Ha fuckin Ha!

09 November 2006

Men don't want shagging no more (hello googlers!)

Honestly its sooo true....

After a very riveting debate at work the other day, the gals (and guy) in the office have in fact decreed that blokes don't want shagging any more.
Or to put it another way, they do want shagging but after about 6 months they're just not interested in it any more.
They just go off the idea hence the need for multiple partners (at this point I interjected with my fantastic rota system with built in MOT's at the 6 month point, but everyone went a bit quiet)and we women are left somewhat wanting. You see being the minxy devils that we are, our libido doesn't stop after 6 months use but can happily carry on for years like the proverbial Duracell Bunny (insert own bunny related witticism here).

So my little blogarino's the question is - Is it true, are hot blooded males really not so hot blooded, are men going to have to start resorting to the old 'I've got a headache' ruse just so they can have a peaceful night, cause I damned as well don't know any ladyee who's ever uttered that excuse! - Discuss

p.s. Could someone point me in the direction of the big aircraft hanger which is housing all the pre 6 month point men, who are obviously gagging for it!

04 November 2006

Never one to be original

Ok I know we've all seen this a hundred times before and this has being doing the rounds on the internet for a billion years, but for those who haven't seen it, for those (like me) who just love it, or those who want to see the latest version........TORN....Enjoy