24 December 2006

Tis a Christmas miracoille I tells ya

Yeh first of, I hope many Christmas miracoils...As previously stated on this blog my damn effin smart phone has been decidedly dumb over recent weeks and won't sync (look at me getting all technical) with my pc. Its been in and out of its cradle like the proverbial (look who's birthday it is tommorrow) crouping baby. Anyhoo today's I takes it downstairs for a little rest and text one of my work colleagues who is coming round for Xmas lunch as her boyf is spending Xmas with his mum in Londinium and she's all on her own (so I invited her over cause I'm nice like that). Anyway I puts phone back in its cradle and ta da, little whirlygig thing starts whirling, makes a pingdy pongy noise and we're back in business!

So for your delight 2 piccies for ya's

1. Taken at start of December at 1720 on my way home from work to prove just how gloriously long the British summer was this year.
2. Taken about a week ago at 0745 to prove just how dark and dismal it's got recently (yes winter has finally arrived). I love it, all rain, dark, cold..fan flippin tabulous.

And finally wishing you all a VERY MERRY CRIMBO and wondrous New year - who loves ya baby! :)


chatterbox said...

Happy Christmas Jools - hope the cats are back in time for Christmas morning x

Lord Bargain said...

and a very Merry Christmas to you...