09 March 2007

Help help help elp lp p........

Shit! Everybody needs to go and do this cause it's a dead worthwhile cause, really easy and you could see your name in lights, or sumthin!
However, shit where do I start?
Suggestions please...otherwise I'm going to show myself up as an utter tit and I'll put into the book what I think is my funniest post and you'll all look on as the tumbleweed of embarrassed shame goes rolling past. Please peeps - which should I go with?
I'll shortlist the most recent ones for ya:

Thermos, Slippers, Tea
Sock fluff & Wimmin
Crop Circles
Kids TV
Porn on the brain
Taking on a stand up comedian
Han experiment
Men don't want shagging no more
Biscuit stereotypes
Observations in a small town
Show me the way to the sprouts

1 comment:

Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Crop circles, crop circles, crop circles, crop circles, crop circles, crop circles, crop circles!!
You gotta love em.