20 September 2006

What I'd miss if I moved to London #1

Hi my little blogarino's - so sorry I've been neglecting you this week but new job is being a bitch and I can barely eat my tea each night let alone think of something witty or relevant to say (yeh yeh I hear you saying - when did that ever happen then Jools?)..so instead I thought I'd start a wee list of things I'll miss if/when I move to London:

So here's the first thing: Where I live

(all of these were taken at approx 40mph at about 5pm today and show my very quick (15 mins) journey home, which is fields and dead pheasants all the way). Quite impressed with the photos at the speed I was going but did get a few odd looks from other motorists who probably thought I was trying to snap them speeding.

A Blogging Plea - I'm off to the parentals at the weekend which means no t'internet for me, so please please don't write too much on your blogs! I'm currently subscribing to over 20 blogs and find it really difficult to read all of them every day and will have heaps to catch up on. So my lovelies - IF you really feel the need to blog a please from me for conciseness (don't think that's a word but who the hell cares!) please please please (puppy dog expression).

Toodle pip and all that.


Billy said...

Subscribe to over 20? Lightweight, I subscribe to about 65.

That said, I don't get out much. :(

Robert Swipe said...

I'll try and have a listen to your latest cast tonight Jools - really enjoyed the first one I listened to (can't remember which edition it was..)

Jools said...

Actually I re counted its 37 at the moment!

Bob - I strongly recommend you gloss over the 80's one - unless you enjoy having your ear drums mashed by terrible 80's tatt

ill man said...

At least you read all yours. There are places in my blogroll I haven't visited in months. Time to trim back the hedge methinks. Again.

As for not blogging........Forget it Mrs. You'll catch up and like it!