09 September 2006

The Big smoke

I have returned, oh victorious and valiant tube mistress of the nether world...Not a huge amount to tell but suffice to say that mate and I had a lovely time in London. So in short our London report
Board megabus outside a supermarket complete with rucksacks and bed hair
Disembark megabus at Victoria and head towards V&A
Follow mate's directions which means we end up in Pimlico and retrace steps back to V&A
Arrive at V&A by a series of luck and deposit bags and head for nearest tea establishment
Thirst and hunger abated spend jolly afternoon looking for the modernism exhibit in V&A to discover said exhibit has finished, make a brass rubbing and fart arse about with he 'kids' stuff and have jolly nice chat with a chap re 20th century exhibit
Mate decides to go on London Eye so ask for directions from nice V&A lady
Enter scary tube station (not really) get day pass and woof off we go
Alight at Westminster with me with head in tube map trying to work out which bridge to go over, mate then tugs my sleeve to make me turn 90 degrees, where great big stonking wheel is blocking my view (Huzzah much hilarity, tourists thinking we're mad)
Do our 'Best of British' and join queue and watch wedding procession
Alight London eye with loud drunk people (sigh) take photties and watch the cute men in the pod below
More tube, head to hotel
Sardines at Piccadilly, lots of 'bloody tourists' looks from commuters (hee)
Alight at Marylebone to find hotel, oh there it is right in front of us - lush beds...can we go to sleep now?
Back on tube towards Leicester Square and into Chinatown
1 yummy chinese and bottle of wine later - where next?
Bimble to Convent Garden in search of watering hole
Little look around, went past the Fortune (Sorry Corin I was a bit worse for wear and wanted to be on my best behaviour)
Onto Soho, got lost, back to Leicester Square
Ooh nice pub, more drinks and boy spotting (huzzah), comfy sofas..hmm too much to drink
Back on tube to hotel and comfy beds (Mate fell asleep before finishing cup of tea and with her glasses still on!)
Wakey wakey - big boys breakfast
Tube, Victoria (lost again), megabus....Home.....TEA!


Hells said...

Oohh go you! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Hope you're head is not aching, I can't imagine anything worse then getting the tube with a hang over!

So tell us more about these lads.. Get any numbers? hehe

realdoc said...

When I went on the London Eye I was nauseous throughout and had to sit on the seat in the middle of the pod with my eyes closed. Money well spent then.

Billy said...

Oooh that sounds like fun... that's London for you, fun round every corner. :)

jools said...

No headache luckily (I don't do headaches)
No nausea either was a v nice look at London but I feel I should've been concentrating on the city rather than the lads
Lads were quite cute but probably way too young and mate wouldn't even let me wave at them
Convent Garden was ace, pub was cool

Skeadugenga said...

Your trip sounds great. I used to work just off Holborn, round the corner from Covent Garden via Drury Lane (always get a kick out of being there). Its a fascinating bit of London. If you go back to Westminster try the river taxi from Westminster pier to the Tower or Greenwich - really great way to see London.