06 September 2006

Feng Shui works

No honestly it must do. As you know I recently rearranged my bedroom and although I didn't admit to it at the time I also took into consideration my best positions (stay with me folks we're talking feng shui here and nothing else as we all know I've had bugger all practice at any other types of position of late). Anyhoo the damned thing seems to be working as they've only...gone...and...promoted me! Just like that and everything..boss lady is moving to another job so me and one of me bestest mates are splitting the job between us.
Good thing - the extra money
Bad thing - loads extra work cause they're not replacing boss lady and I have to take on half her work as well as my own
Extra bad thing - I really do have to be responsible now!
Mind you I made up for it by wearing my hair in bunches all weekend.

Off to London on Friday so probably won't get the chance to post but do get the opportunity of spreading my germs around Covent Garden - huzzah

Btw - how come Billy's post about shoes gets shedloads of comments and my pornshed shoe postings get bugger all - fickle lot! ;) (just cause he's cute and fluffy)


Billy said...

Well done on the promotion! *applauds*

I'm not sure why I got so many comments on the shoe post... maybe people are keen to suggest shoes.

realdoc said...

Shoes are everywhere tonight, see billy and GSE and patroclus. What is going on?

Anonymous said...

This is Corin, by the way, for some reason the computer isn't letting me comment as me.

I don't have much room in my, er, room to try it out. And, if I'm honest, I barely bother to tidy it let alone re-arrange anything.

If you're in covent garden any time after about 6.30 stop by the Fortune Theatre, ask for me at Stage Door or Box Office, and I shall present you with a free ice cream.

Billy said...

Jools, I must apologise for Corin. He's always trying to ensnare people in his sinister web with the promise of ice-cream. ;)

Jools said...

I dunno free ice cream with a young actoooorrr sounds good to me!

realdoc said...

He may just be an ice cream seller in the theatre you know.

Billy said...

He's the head usher. He has ice-cream contacts though.

Jools said...

But does he have baileys hagen dazs? If so I might just have to fall in love with him and his ice cream selling skills, although the questions begs - does he have a strap on (you know proper sticky out tray thing)?

Billy said...

No baileys HD as far as I recall, unless they've gone upmarket.

As for his strap-on, well you'd have to ask him that, I don't concern myself with such things. Usually.

Heather said...

Hoorah and huzzah Jools, congrats on the promotion!

Things are looking up for me on the job front too as I am swiftly about to become jobless. My contract runs out at the end of the month and they aren't renewing it because I was off sick for one day! Ha! I don't want their poxy job anyway! I'd rather be unemployed!

Hells said...

Woot! Congrats Jools! More responsibilities eh? I'm sure you'll handle it all superbly. As for my positions of late, they seem to be based on the sitting variety infront of the tv. That's as exciting as it get's I'm afraid.

(And yes I've got a blog on here at last!!!)

Jools said...

B - Hmm Corin with a strap on there's a thought!
Heather - Thanks babes, hey don't you go worrying about jobs an all, I'm sure media relations person for Eddie Vedder is just round the corner
Hells - welcome sweetie, make yourself comfortable, they're all a nice lot and we save all the raunchy stuff for over at Bills. Thanks we have sooo much to catch up on.

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