16 September 2006

I AM a domestic goddess

It's official I am the next Nigella Lawson (well I have got the hips and the tits but kind of missed out on the sultry eyes). Today I have mostly been making, home cooking. I've made 2 types of frittata, leek & potato soup and butternut squash soup, which is yummers as Bills would say.
Can anyone actually tell me the correct and easiest way of chopping up a butternut squash? They're buggers aren't they? I did much better today than normal though, my trip to Asda at 8am must have left me feeling all empowered or something!

Also thanks to Bills and another (he who won't be mentioned) who very wisely pointed me in the direction of the Dresden Dolls. They're a bit fab aren't they? How can I have spent 32 and a bit years on the planet and never listened to them. Folks - please feel free to suggest more muzac for my listening pleasure.

Oh and big up to the podders out there, RoMo, Bills, Bobby & Issy - come on your feckers join the podding revolution.
Oh and Heather - where's your piccies of your bedroom then girl?


realdoc said...

Jools re butternut squash - peel it with a potato peeler, cut in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon then chop. For future use it makes great baby food.

Billy said...

Butternut squash - in a word: YUMMERS.

Istvanski said...

Just listened to your latest podcast. I'm glad your taste in music matured as you did, teehee!

'Fishing for Luckies' was a superb collection of songs, wasn't it?