02 September 2006

Crappity crap

Feel like crap, damned housemate has give me his cold, so currently feel like I have razorblades down my throat - so apologies for lack of posting but Mr bug has stripped me of any creative thoughts....anyway hopefully the pic will make you smile (bless em)


Kate said...

Sorry to hear you've got the lurgy, hope you're feeling better. Gorgeous pictures. Another example of the cunning of cats - have offspring that evoke human protective responses. And they're much prettier than babies, I have been known to coo over any number of kitten photos, but my normal response to baby photos is "Are you holding it the right way up"?

Billy said...

Aw... lovely pics.

Get well soons.

Jools said...

Billy - thanks babes, aren't they gorgeous, obviously they're a bit bigger now

Kate - I'm exactly the same, kitties cute, babies - urgh, especially io the flesh, what am I supposed to do with them? Thanks for the wishes