26 September 2006

It's going to be one of those weeks

So I managed to consume free curry on Friday and drive to Leicestershire on Saturday but come Sunday everything has gone tits up!

  • Drove half an hour to lunch at a semi posh country club and the car starts spouting steam - long story short, saw me spending my Sunday evening with a nice man called John in the cab of a breakdown recovery vehicle being returned to Wiltshire.
  • Car then went in for MOT (failed on 2 minor points) and expansion tank cap is sought - trip to 2 garages later and no joy, dinner on route eventually returned home at about half seven last night.
  • Off to course today and there's a huge possibility of the course being cancelled due to lack of numbers.
  • Return to work and world war III has broken out between 2 members of my team.
  • New expansion tank cap purchased only to find that MOT garage had already replaced it - waste of money then.
So we're only on Tuesday - what else can happen?

Oh and to top it all that wee sneaky sidling one has only been and got himself 'romantically' involved - leaving me to be the only blogger sans snogging (well so it seems anyway).
(To be fair the snogging issue isn't really helped by me listening to Lady Chatterley's lover and get overly interested in the 'naughty' bits - sigh).


realdoc said...

Jools we must get you hitched forthwith. I shall go searching for single male bloggers.

Jools said...

Well not so sure about the getting hitched bit as I don't think its my cup of tea - but some hot sex and snogging wouldn't go amiss!

Billy said...

"me listening to Lady Chatterley's lover"

Listening? What cross-media lunacy is this? I quite like old DH, all pre-industrial pastoral paradises interspersed with going up "the wrong 'un" when the mood demands it.

Lord Bargain said...

Well, there are two of us as I am a sans-snogging blogger also.

"...some hot sex and snogging wouldn't go amiss ...."

is the most accurate thing I have read all day.


corin said...

Jools, LB: Having seen an old friend, just engaged, over the weekend, it's nice to know it's not just me left on the market...

Jools said...

My problem is that I've been to the market but keep coming back with duds! Bit like Jack and them damn beans!

Up the wrong un? oo er missus you've gone all naughty now you're lovvied up!