02 July 2007

Turning a corner

Posted 4 Jun

Regular subscribers to the blog will know that on occasion *ahem* I have been known to have difficulties with various objects/people/life in general.
In fact here at Jools Inc we've even trademarked the Jools is a total tit series.

However folks I'm delighted to say that today it seems as though we may have finally turned a corner on this! Yep at the grand age of 32 I actually managed to NOT put my knickers on sideways this morning.
There was a slight wobbly moment when I had put my foot into the wrong bit of my pants which would've resulted in sidewaysage, but nope I spotted my rookie mistake and took preventative action!

I am so chuffed, I finally feel I'm on the upward curve to becoming a fully functioning responsible adult (no one mention the ash blonde pubes...ok!).

Loads of Kudos to me I feel.

*We're not of course going to mention the fact that I dropped my mp3 player in the bath the other day. Which surprisingly didn't result in electrocution but did result in a whole heap of songs which now go...glug glug glug...where's my rubber duckie...splish splash......which as you can imagine Messrs Hetfield, Rose and Vedder are not best pleased about.

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