05 July 2007

normal service has been resumed

Posted 6 Jun

Just in case any of my lovely blogarino's were getting worried that my turning a corner post indicated that the end was nigh for 'Jools is a total tit Inc', you can rest assured that Inc is still very much a growth inductry.

Yup not 24 hours had passed since the enlightenment which was 'correct knickerage' that Total Tit Industries went into overtime on the factory floor.
All I can say folks is that it's always prudent to pay attention when trying to using straigthtening irons and trying to straighten your thumb is likely to result in tears before bedtime and a thumb that looks like it's been auditioning for the part of Rudolph's nose.

Looks like the whole being an adult thing is out the window then...woo hoo, mini milks, sandpits and fuzzy felt for me.

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