30 June 2007

Snogging a tuna with Flash Gordon watching on - Porn? You decide.

Posted 29th May

Ok so finally got round to watching Brokeback Mountain the other night (yes I blubbed like the great big girly that I am) and is it me or it incredibly hot watching 2 blokes snogging?
I mean gawd almighty I had to change the sheets! Ok so I know some of you will be saying its just cause I'm not getting any but honestly I'm happy with that.
I'll admit me and the device went through a bit of a rough patch recently, she went all stroppy on me due to being consigned to my 'lady drawer' and then I got a bit mardy with her when she short circuited and nearly burnt me pubes off, but we're working through these things.

Actually being single is pretty damn fantastic but I do miss the snogging and don't feel I'm able to enter into the bad boy debate.
You know, do girls really want bad boys....

Personally I think we want a bad boy who can masquerade as a good guy in front of our mum's. You know, the type that will spending ages putting up your wardrobe for you before banging you up against it...oh yeh and as we know tattoos and leather trousers wouldn't go amiss ;)

Anyway got chatting to someone a few weeks ago about what we reckon the sexiest film is. He offered up Flash Gordon, which despite the homoerotic undertones (he's straight) I could kind of see where he's going.

So blogarino's - what is the sexiest film out there? Suggestions please, the more bizarre the better (porn doesn't count, that's a whole different porn shed ball game).
Anybody quoting the following will of course get twatted with a tuna for being too obvious:
Last tango in Paris, 9 and a half weeks, Secretary, Sex, lies and videotape oh and a couple of other ones which are fairly obvious and of course anything French.

Go on my little munchkins give us your suggestions (with reasons if you dare), might even give a prize to the most amusing or bizarre.

Oh and welcome to new subscribers, as always please make yourself at home, partake in a hobnob or 2, but leave the place tidy...I'd have pimped me blog out ages ago if I knew I was going to get this kind of response..so thanks and err I apologise profusely to new peeps for the amount of rubbish they're about to get coming their way..the rest of you... Well you're kind of used to it by now ain't ya's :)


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