09 July 2007

The Daily Div

Posted 7 Jun

Ok, I think we can all rest assured that my dimness has returned to its normal state. So in celebration of all things a bit thick, I thought we could have our very own 'daily div' corner. Somewhere everyone can confess their divviest moment's during the day, without fear of recrimination and social stigmatism. (Although to be fair, do be prepared to have everyone laught AT you whilst trying to cover their own embarrassment).

So c'mon guys fess up, just what singled you out today (and every day) for being a complete dimwit?

I'll start the ball rolling (at 8am - we've got a long way to go, so this is just the start). Luckily didn't do this in front of an audience but I did attempt to put the teaspoon back in the fridge this morning. Of course if you have fetish for iced spoons, then I'm ya gal! ;)

*Actually maybe I should start a post about fetishes?....................

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