13 June 2007

What am I like?????

Posted 23 Apr

I am so distracted at the moment it is seriously not true!

In the last week I've done the following:
Left conditioner on my hair
Had a bath with the sole intention of shaving my legs and promptly not shaved my legs, necessitating the need for a subsequent shower
Tried to lock my car using the office keys
Forgot to inform our MD that I'd arranged PA cover for him, resulting in a pissed of MD and a PA waiting for him outside a locked office

Seriously I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment (and no before you leap to conclusions I've not been hitting the bottle!).

I swear that the pink candy floss that inhabits my brain is involved in some sort of WWE smackdown with the sensible parts of my noggin. Currently pinning it to the floor, sitting on it's pathetically weedy chest shouting 'Yeh...you is my biatch now' as it desperately tries to escape out of one of my ear canals.

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llewtrah said...

Probably you need a holiday. Stress can addle the brain.