12 June 2007

Bloody toilets again....(I'm obsessed, its official)

Posted 21 Apr

I think I smell of hamster piss and I don't own a hamster - this is not a good thing. Well unless you're a fit single bloke who likes the smell of hamster piss, which one would hope is fairly rare.

Also I got home last night to find that the loo seat was up. Some of you may be aware that I house share with a bloke, so this in itself is not an unusual (albeit bloody annoying) occurrence. However, as usual housemate had left the house before me and arrived back at the house after me. So I checked to se if he had returned home during the day, which was confirmed with a nope and accompanying quizzical (she's off her nut again) look.
So how the bloody hell did it manage to get itself into that position?

Do I now have a male ghost in my house who is determined to leave the loo seat up, piss all over the floor and jizz across my best catalogues?

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llewtrah said...

In your current addled state, he probably used the loo after you'd used it in the morning and you didn't use it again after he'd left.