11 June 2007

Londinium calling

Posted 19 Apr

Yup, up in the smoke I was yesterday for a worky type thingy...anyhoo highlights of the day was seeing a nun on the back of one of those porter trolley things, being given a pig, a sponge and a tree (which had a pube in it), getting disgruntled looks from fellow tubers when my friend had a total 'blonde' moment involving Barney the dinosaur and spending the resulting 5 mins in fits of laughter oh and getting 'attached' to another lady on the tube. Resulting in the best stereo exclamation of 'Oo' I've heard in a long time.

Ed Byrne reckons the best way to communicate with other tubers is to use your ipod as an ice breaker. Sorry Ed you're wrong (and a flithy slutbucket to boot, but we won't go there) the best way, is to secretly lace your rucksack straps through someone else's and they try to go in opposite directions. Fabtastic fun for all in an overcrowded, hot and stuffy carriage!

I also had an incident with my cheek and pak choi juice - but I think we'll leave that right there! (Mind you at least I can identify pak choi and don't think its cabbage or similiar).

Oh and huge thanks to the myspacer who posed a serious question to me this week - I so seriously nearly wee'd (sic) myself, its actually quite worrying and has me searching for 'feminine aids'.

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