04 April 2007

Bloglines ate my gerbil

Ok well not my gerbil but they have eaten any beta blogs, which means I'm way behind on my reading. Thinking of ditching this place as I'm double posting over on munterland as well and find it difficult to keep up with all the split personalities.

So if I disappear in a couple of weeks, you'll know where I've gone...



corin said...

A friend of my sister's left her hamster cage open and the cat ate it.

Don't be a stranger.

iLL Man said...

Aw! Don't ditch the blog.....To be honest, I've never understood what myspace is for. You collect people, but beyond that....

You say bloglines is eating stuff? In what way? I don't have it, so I'm a bit nonplussed....

Hope you keep the blog going, theres a flow and feel to a proper blog that myspace can't touch.

llewtrah said...

Myspace - yeeeuch. Stick with the blog - at least you won't get loads of 12 year olds wanting to be your special friend in the blogosphere.

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baggiebird said...

Well just to keep you in the loop I have finally updated my blog, it's only taken a month. I an rubbish