14 April 2007


Ok so I have fairly permanently decamped to munterspace (linky in the right bar somewhere near the bottom). I know, I know, I never thought I'd be a munter either, but it's bloody addictive and actually a damn site easier than blogger and doesn't eat my posts!

So shenanigans are over on myspaz, including double trouble with 2 comedians this time - oh yes I've only been and done it again, must learn to keep me gob shut.

I categorically refute the fact that I am a slutty freakboat! :)

See you over there folks. :)


iLL Man said...

Jools, the colour scheme on your myspace blog page makes my head feel funny and unable to read too far. Other than that, I can see why you've moved. It can be a wee bit quiet on Blogger.

llewtrah said...

Sorry, I steer clear of MySpace.