24 February 2007

I need your help - variation on a theme

Ok so carrying on with the porn theme - I need your help. I need to complete the following phrase.....


So far I have:
PORN - Saving marriages since 1745
PORN - What the interweb was created for
PORN - Saving the British Film Industry
Pornania Jones - Intrepid Porn Treasure Seeker
Save our Porn - Future generations depend on it

OK , so which if any of these would look groovy on a t-shirt? Or can you come up with something better? Please please I need your ideas. Suggestions on the back of a wank mag please (not the middle cause it's normally a bit sticky).

Apologies to any newcomers *snigger* who have found the blog this week -it's not normally this smutty I promise.


rockmother said...

Born To Porn

iLL Man said...

Porn vid warnings:

"Packaging may contain scenes of a sexual nature. What's on the film is anyones guess....."

"To avoid 'arm pump', change hands after third scene."

"Movie title only faintly related to actual content"

"No dwarves were harmed in the making of this film"

"Contains very, very ugly men.."

"The makers of the film do not in any way accept responsibility for feelings of penis size related inadequacy and post-climax depression engendered by the fact that you are lonely, middle aged and single, living in a bedsit in Wolverhampton. Deal with it!"