06 February 2007

Gone to the dogs

Yes Jools has gone to the dogs, very poor show ha de ha ha and all that

Anyway I did indeed go to the dogs last week for a colleague's retirement do. I only mention it as some of you seem to be under the impression that my social life consists of drinking far too much rosé on a Friday night, embarrassing myself on MSN and generally bringing that chat down to a level of smutty tolerance involving leather trousers. However this is blatantly not the case as I excitedly got invited to a night at the dogs.....

Unfortunately this was not the hot bed of male totty I was hoping for, instead my taxi driver for the night was mate and her newly acquired (i.e. still bloody loved up and just returned from a shagging week in Cornwall) boyfriend with neither of them overly excited about spending the night at the dogs or with me. Couple this with Walmart's elite, dodgy chicken curry (which I had to have with roast potatoes as they'd run out of rice) and nowhere to sit then it resulted in a top notch night of entertainment.

Ah well at least I can say I've been, another one of life's experiences locked away for safe keeping. The one plus point was that at least I didn't run the burger roulette of food poisoning, having opted for the bet on black option and going for the aforementioned curry.

Money spent = £8 Dogs bet on = 1 Money won = £0
Hot totty = 0 Snoggage = 0 Food Poisioning = 0


Justin said...

haha! That was funny! So how was your day??

Lord Bargain said...

I own a nice pair of leather trousers. Just for the record.

Jools said...

Ooh a newbie...welcome :0

Bargs - yeh but you also own/have/borrow a lovely girlfriend so what damn use are your leather trousers to me? ;)