06 February 2007

More excited than an Andrex puppy (and that might be half the problem)

Yup I've just booked my tickets to see a wonderful, high cheekboned, Irish accented, long haired comic in Hammersmith...soon. So back up to London again (hey this lets start a blog thing and go to London seems to be working quite well now I've got over my fear of the tube).

I am so excited I really am going to have to take some Tena's with me as I really am going to wee myself especially as I'm a bugger for not leaving my seat during a performance. Especially not during a stand up routine unless you want to be mercilessly harangued by the fucker on the stage with a microphone.

Also am still trying to get my head round how on earth I'm going to catch the Fullmooners** at the comedy store. I mean who the fuck puts on a show at midnight? Bloody Londoners with not a care in the world for those of us who are stuck in the sticks with the only form of entertainment being how many cows you can tip over in a night.
I mean c'mon on we're the bloody ones who need culturing (new word?). Our sign of culture is following a camberet* as opposed to a Double Gloucester down a bloody great big hill. You lot should be putting on coaches and posh hotel suites for us 'commoners'.
You should be sponsoring us to see how many time we can crow bar the words pheasant, tractor, roadkill or daisy into a cultured conversation.

Donations to the get Jools out the bloody sticks fund can be sent to......

*I know this isn't the way you spell soft stinky French cheese but have a lovely image of a French cheese with a beret on smoking a cigarillo
**has anyone been to it already or is planning on going? If so can you give me your review as it looks like a blast to me.


Billy said...

You're in Hammersmith more often than me!

Jools said...

I know the smith (or is it the hammer) is my second home! and you're never there..avoidance techniques one suspects :)

chatterbox said...

Errrm, slightly concerned now, as I expect I am going to be sitting next to you....