06 February 2007

Last day before Xmas

Like totally like just like found this post...

Ok, so I like uh huh totally forgot to say what we did on our last day at work. Well what with me being the nice boss lady I decided that we would play games and have nibbles much like we did when we were at school.

Thusly this game was produced about 2 days before we finished for Christmas. Well of course us in the office (4 in total) thought we better get a bit of a head start on the rest of the team and get in a bit of practice. If you've never played Cranium I strongly recommend it, especially for large groups of adults.

After we'd all decided we were pretty much crap at the general knowledge and maths questions (although we did learn the Casanova, I think it was, died in a library), we thought we'd have a go at the creative ones. Now these generally involve making a tit of yourself performing some sort of charade, making a tit of yourself trying to hum lyrics or making very phallic objects with a bit of play doh.

I of course made a perfect representation of a piggy bank (clay) and fellow colleague did a wonderful 'beans on toast'. Then having to take a phone call I was excluded from the next 'clay' but as no one had guessed I came up with nipple and got it right. Must be the way my mind works but it was a small circle on top of another circle..quite obvious really.

The humming bit was incredibly embarrassing to the extent that all hummers had to cover their faces with an internal envelope as we couldn't look at each other without laughing. Points were deducted cause 'lone male' pointed to the radio on his go as his song was playing on the radio - how lucky was that?

However the piste de la resistance (or however you say cherry on the top in frangalese) was NCCKG having to do an impression of a famous actor but you're not allowed to say names or places. As she was struggling I said I'd help her out..piss easy..all I said was I'll have a martini shaken not stirred, in a very lame attempt at a Scottish accent..point to us although major points deducted when I spent the next 10 minutes explaining to NCCKG that yes Sean Connery was in fact Bond!

Come on..guess her age?

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