15 January 2007

In which Jools becomes an auction slave for the night

Ok so very brief report re Londinium as I don't want this blog become unanonymous (ooh new madey uppy word). Anyhoo weekend went something like this:

Uppy, packing, ironing, ball hunting
Driving to Reading, teaage, hugging, car squeezing
Chauffered to Heathrow, hugging, car squeezing, fox's glacier fruits
Navigator to Hammersmith, parking space, FREE over the weekend, rejoicing
Unpack, remove arms from boot, drinkage, more huggage
Tesco's, drunk, skating, more drunk, bruise, bad behaviour
Lovely convo with strangers, collapsage

Early uppage and forceful showerage, poemage, followed by lardy breakfastage
Decorating skills needed, only the truly talented should apply
Thousands of huggage but no chocolate cock consumption
Got to shout 'perm headed wanker' at an actor
Runnage (don't do running, what was I thinking) and thankfully no muddage
Hopscotch, furlongs, Auction slave, post its
Watching, singing, dancing, wearing a coc on my head

Repeat stage 1 of Saturday without the poem
Then repeat most of Friday in reverse
Photo fever resulting in PC melt down


Lord Bargain said...

"perm headed wanker"? which actor? the woman who plays Deirdre Barlow?

Billy said...

"wearing a coc on my head"

Now I'm scared. Very scared.

Skeadugenga said...

Huggage!? Like that, more huggage on Wednesday I hope :-)

baggiebird said...

Ooh yes lots of huggage on Wednesday and quite possible more singingage (huh) Althought this time not whilst wandering around Tesco whilst attempting to purcahse losts of wineage ;-)

Stacie said...

Was good to meet you!

corin said...

No chocolate cock consumption? Shame!

baggiebird said...

Are you still alive out there?