27 January 2007

From whence she came...

(told you I'm no good at tittles).

So then straight on the back of the COC wearing I was back in Londinium for the BFi, TFi, South Bank, Arty thing that was the GW special event. (didn't get lost, got this tube thing sorted I tells ya).

Twas good but I won't bang on about it as this is not and will never be a GW blog (see previous posts re unanonyminity - lovin that word) but got home at about 2.30 am and luckily had morning off work. Got to meet some lovely people and apologies to Pashmina who I may have frightened with my over excited huggage. Spoke with some lovely writers (again) and actually got the chance to have a conversation with the lovely Cello who I'd totally missed speaking to at the bin wearing event. Unfortunately didn't get to see Patrocolus again so have missed out on bloggers yet again even though I did knock her man up to purchase a couple of yo-yo's.

(yes I did wear a bin, act as an auction slave, play SOD and skate round Tescos but no I didn't have any chocolate cocks!)

Anyway life has returned to dullsville and a bout of ickiness which resulted in me at work on Wednesday pm quite frankly drugged up to the eyeballs and barely registering what my boss was saying to me. Though to be fair its hard to concentrate on important words when boss turns up with mismatched shoes and continues to get over excited by her use of Ebay and subsequent use of Penpal! Bless her couldn't ask for anyone better.

So work is dull and my damn course has been delayed again! Honestly there better be some damn fit blokes on this course (It was suggested there might be some firemen so things are looking up).

Otherwise this is the year I need to sort my life out, which will hopefully at least result in me moving domicile but that's not likely to happen until I get my arse in gear and sell the damn house! also a bloke would be nice.

Anyway its my anniversary on 14th Feb - mountain of maltesers to the person who correctly guesses the anniversary of what!

Love and squeezles to all.


baggiebird said...

Jools all I have to say is ditto

Billy said...

Is it your birthday?

chatterbox said...

Is it first encounter with Green Wing?

Jools said...

nope and nope :) Although to be fair the 2nd one was in Jan last year so not far off