11 January 2007

bibbly bibly bum

Yesterday I got paid to go and blewdey things up, tommorrow I'm off to Londinium and may wear a waste paper bin on my head.

Maybe this year won't be so bad...certainly would've liked the old horoscope to have forecasted that!

Please don't make the place messy whilst I'm away...but make yourself at home. :)


Billy said...

Best of luck with the waste paper bin!

corin said...

I've lived in Londinium for a few years now and only rarely have I worn a waste paper bin. But I remember with fondness the times I have.

Skeadugenga said...

There were deluges of drink, a wilderness of wastepaper bin wearing women, and a multiplicity of marvellous music. There was consumption of cheering chocolate cocks, a bursting of balloons and an overexcitement of opportunities to play silly, sugary games.

Apart from that we had quite a quiet weekend really..