27 January 2007

Pie oh pie

Why is it, that the time you go up the shops without a scrap of make up on and with your male flatmate in tow is the one time there's a cute guy within a 5 mile radius of your backwater of a town!

Fan fuckin (I'm never going to have sex ever again am I?) tabulous.

Also LC has reminded of the wonder that is Mastercheat and the huge amount of histrionics accompanying the current series. But why oh why can someone tell me does it have to impinge on my pie eating enjoyment. I don't know what Mr MacDougall is playing at but can you please return to your normal steak and mushroom pie recipe and not something with steak from only the finest rare breed fed on luxurious lush green grass from the outer Hebrides complete with chanterelle mushrooms found only in the remotest part of wanker island.

I mean c'mon it's a bloody PIE!

1 comment:

baggiebird said...

Ahh yes Pies are ment to be simple things...which is why they are sold oat footie matches.....we are simple folk don't ya know