05 January 2007

1st Book list of double O 7

Ok, so due to trippage to Londinium next weekend I have once again graced my local high tec library with my presence and have come away with:

Bram Stoker - Dracula (not cause of the disappointing Marc Warren thing on the beeb but cause of the great cover...just red fangs on a white background - cool or what?)
Ricky Gervais - The world of Karl Pilkington
David Nicholls - Starter for ten
Anthony Kiedis - Scar tissue
Lissa Evans - Odd One Out
Christina Jones - Love potions
H G Wells - The history of Mr Polly

So I'm pretty sure abut the last 3 as I've read the authors before, but what about the other lot...anyone read them, any suggestions?
Where shall I start and what looks befitting on a huge yellow and blue bus on its way to London?

Hoping you're all having a fab start to year. Snoggage update - still 0

Oh yeh and 'no contemporary culture knowledge' girl at work today started the day by wandering into the office with a freezer shelf. Well you would wouldn't you? and they say we're backwards in the sticks!
Actually this was after our attempt to improve 'no contemporary culture knowledge girl's' (NCCKG) comp temporary culture knowledge..which went something along the lines of:

Me - Right so let start with some bands then...ok have you heard of Metallica?
NCCKG - Oh yeh I think we might have their album, has it got like blood on the cover?
Me - Blimey that's good yeh one of them does, well done (proceed to inform band members names and best hits, thinking ok this might not be so hard)
Me - Ok so what about Suede then?
NCCKG - Oh yeh they're the ones that did that Christmas song didn't they......

(after much laughter and weeping and snottage, we eventually inform NCCKG..no darling that would be Slade, the ones with the big boots and dodgy hair). Bless.


Billy said...

I saw that my parents have bought starter for 10. They usually have good taste in books...

Lord Bargain said...

I read "starter for ten" a while back - it's pretty good. The film of it was OK, too.