22 November 2006

Falling back on a bloggers favourite

Oh yes I'm in that most esteemed bloggers 'I've run out of things to say' club, so I fall back on a blogger's favourite. Why post something witty or thought provoking (not that I ever did) when you can put a link up to something else? Anyway made me chuckle *hee hee he he he!*


#....la la la lah la la la lahhhhhhh....#


baggiebird said...

Oh bom bom bom with a la la la. That was indeed fun and random :-)

corin said...

I fear you.

Sarah said...

Ahh it happens.
It's one of the reasons why I took up the x365 project.
I've let it lapse for the last week and a half though because I have proper flu. Ended up in out patients and everything.
Hopefully my lungs have stopped liquidising now.
Check out www.x365.org though.