14 November 2006

Feeling sorry for myself

Ok so I know I promised I wasn't going to do another one of these, 'woah is me' posts but honestly what a shitty few weeks I'm having...

No boyf, sign of boyf or even snoggage since February
Work is crappity crap and I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that people bring me their problems and want me to wave a magic wand for them so they all disappear. I mean honestly I should write a book about the inane drivel and ridiculous comments I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Other 'special interests' are beginning to hack me off, because I work strongly on validation and not getting responses (good or bad) is seriously pissing me off.
oh and no one wants to come out and play with me next week and from comments to the previous post I am obviously a sex mad munter!

Finally to top it all my tarot cards say I'm in for sweeping changes and fruition of past hard work...WHEN!!!! I mean seriously oh smart arsed tarot - When the fucking when??? Its been saying that for 3 months and diddly fucking squat - nothing has changed...apart from being more frustrated and more stressed.

Ha fuckin Ha!


BEAST said...

There is nothing wrong with being a sex mad munter , its part of the Beasts mission statement.

Betty said...

Ey up, I don't think anyone was trying to suggest that you're a sex mad munter (apart from Beast, that is ...)

Anyway, if you've not had any snoggage since February it doesn't count as a dry spell. I've had dry spells that have been drier than the Sahara, Nevada and the Australian outback combined in one huge arid land mass of dryness. Erm, or words to that effect. Someone will turn up, if they've got any sense. Usually two, or more, at the same time in my experience but I'll say no more than that ...

As for the job thing, perhaps people keep coming to you with their problems because they think you've got a good reputation for fixing them, and you're making more progress than you think - just guesswork on my part, but you never know.

Molly Bloom said...

Yes, I second what Betty said. You're probably really highly regarded at work and that is why people come to you. I hope you are ok. As to your previous post, I don't think anyone thinks that of you at all.

I'm sending you a virtual box of Lindt D'Or because they make those chocolate round things (I won't say balls - damn I just did) but they are the best thing ever. Lots of hugs to you tooxxxxxxx

llewtrah said...

Before I met Billy I didn't have a b/f (not even a snog or grope) for 2 years. I'd pretty much resigned myself to never having sex again. I just decided to go out and pursue some of my hobbies and not worry about being single. And then it turned out that good things come to those who wait. May good things come to you also.

baggiebird said...

Jools sorry to hear your having a shitty time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things turn around for you soon