20 August 2006

God I'm so crap

Ok so I'm having a crap morning, not sure if its this orrible weather, the ex, hormones, too much wine or in all reality a combination of all these, but I'm having a 'case of the Monday's' but it's Sunday and this shouldn't happen.
Shouts to Petite and Slurker who have inadvertantly done the blogger bedroom thing, without visiting my blog at all - well done my dearies.
Was somewhat amused to find out someone had visited my blog after searching for 'comfy sex toy'...bet they were disappointed, somehow I'm cheered by this though as I think that shows what a considerate person they must be. However I'm left with an image of a t'internet junkie using a pink fluffy vibrator whilst sat on a sofa with one of them double slipper things (you know as advertised in the back of papers, like a wee tweed bucket).
Right have listened and boogled to some 'choice music' (see Last FM for the madness) and feel much better now - stroppage offically stopped.

Oh yeh and thanks to Surly who's blog roll I've been working my way through this morning, sure to bring a grin to anyone's face.

Just found myself saying 'oh flip' - not right, think I must be sober, better chuck an 'arsetitwank' in there to even things up.


Billy said...

I wonder if in the future someone is going to find your blog by googling 'arsetitwank'?

Jools said...

Hey if it gets me more visitors, who cares! OOh let me go check see what the stats has recorded.

Jools said...

nothing regarding aresetitwank, but I'm on the 1st page of results if you goggle comfy pants...how cool is that!

Billy said...

My most popular search (apart from 'oye billy' which is way in the lead) is amateur. Crikey!