20 August 2006

Blogging bedrooms - update

Ok guys I'm still waiting on more of you to send me pictures of your room...and just to prove that I'm not the neat freak that you may think I am...this is what my bedroom normally looks like....
Please note - I don't normally bend the spines on books but this was ruined by an over enthusiastic swimmer in Kefalonia earlier in the year
Newspapers are not in fact today's but the last 2 Sunday's..I'm a slow reader, actually I'm not but I like to re read things and normally skim through on a first passing
Tig decided to help - like he often does, however he Auntie has disappeared into the back of the wardrobe! - camera shy you see.


Molly Bloom said...

Your little cat is really sweet. Just read all the posts I've missed...ooooh...you've done loads. And those shoes are ace too. I always like reading people's Memes too. You do like your shoes don't you...but we need a photo of you wearing those other ones. I liked them.

Your bedroom is far too tidy. I'm coming over to mess it up. See you in about 2 hours...do you reckong that's how long it would take to get to yours? I'm bringing some 'messy stuff' to throw on your floor. But I'll be nice to the cat. I love cats.

Molly Bloom said...

You shouldn't apologise about your comment box frenzy with Billy. I really enjoyed reading that when I was hungover...hee hee.

Jools said...

Molly - I can't remember where you are...2 bottles of the bad stuff and I'm lucky I can remember my name...what was it again? something to do with pants?
The Tig is gorjussssss, weenie and tres sweet, well as sweet as a bone crunching murderer can be
You have got a picture of me wearing the shoes..just not all of me!

realdoc said...

Also like the cat.
Don't think I'll post my bedroom up the other half may object. Anyway his trouser press may reduce any small speck of credibility I have left.