16 August 2006

De grotted

Ok well in honour of Billy's quiz tonight I have tried to shake off this mystery 'bug' and have de grotted myself. So I have (for the first time in 3 days) had a shower, cleaned my teeth, washed my hair and got dressed.
Never one to be unpresentable when visiting others, I am now de grotted enough to at least pretend to be human and perhaps sit in the corner quietly mumbling at the ever present thumping in my head.
See everyone at Bill's at 8pm - I am considering (for a rare one off appearance) changing my profile pic tonight so folks can see what I look like on a good day (perhaps give my ego the kick it needs to get my arse back to work tomorrow).

*Still tilting and I don't think the pie did me any good.


Billy said...

Jools, I've had to rejig the teams slightly due to Molly being away. Your new team captain is....


Jools said...

Can't believe it but I'm locked out of the quiz..my pure genius was obviously too much for the other team to take

Jools said...

Thanks to Bills for a great laugh and thanks to Molls for helping me out when blogger grounded me. Not quite sure who won but me and H put up a valiant effort - ah to bed