16 August 2006

Cause I'm slightly pished

Otherwise I wouldn't dare post it - Poetry Corner part 3

black leather on translucent skin
black silk on cobalt eyes
hard rubber on crimson lips
the distinctive smell lingers in the air

strung up and left to fend
all by yourself, in the darkness
within the walls of this tiny cell
your heart beating in your chest

what will happen to me? I hear you ask
I can see the fear in your face
the sweat running down your neck
to rest upon your harness strung breast

now the realisation not what but when
the excruciating agony of waiting for the pain
then the crack of the whip
your heightened senses making your skin prickle

then at last the blissful agony
that only I can insist on
the waiting is over, the pleasure is here
now its time to heal once more


Billy said...

Jools, I'm glad you did publish this because it makes for very interesting reading.

I like it a lot.

Would it sound pervy if I requested more of the same? (more of the same style, doesn't have to be the same subject)


Billy said...

Oh and thank you for coming to the quiz. :)

Jools said...

Not sure what you mean by same style. I don't really think about my poetry (or my blogging ) at all...just what comes out the top of my head at any given moment and the poetry stuff just tends to be a wee bit darker...was thinking of starting a blog on that side of things actually..hmm ponder

Billy said...

Doing it off the top of your head is the best way. :)

I was a bit pished yesterday and was trying not to be too pretentious. This is what I meant:

1. I'm always a fan of the 'darker side' of things.
2. It has very good imagery
3. I like the style of the language (difficult to describe what I mean here)
4. If you were to do more poems in a similar style, I would be interested in reading them.

Hope that makes sense.

e4c5 said...

Interesting blog!

Jools said...

Ok I'm moving the poems and darker musings to a new blog as I want to keep things more seperate, email me if you want the new url.