14 August 2006

Bedroom Blog #2

The lovely quiffster, otherwise known as Billy has entered his bedroom into the funkiest bedroom competition

So come on everyone, we only have 3 entrants at present (which includes me) so get your cameras out and get snapping.
No purchase necessary, entrants must be aged 3 or over, quiffs are optional, pictures of Russell Brand will be disqualified on grounds of 'who the hell is he and what does he do?'

Apologies for the lack of witty posting today, but have been in bed ill all day and feel decidedly sheepish. Have eaten a large pie though so hope to feel a tad better tomorrow.


Billy said...

Thanks for including me Jools. Hope you feel better tomorrow :)

(eating the pie is a good sign)

Heather said...

I shall get photographing very soon my dear although I suspect it will be next week before I get the piccy up. Ah well I supose it's incentive to finally get some proper matching bedside lamps (I managed to smash one) so that you can admire my room in all it's glory.