17 August 2006

hum diddy hum hum

You know I do like this Last FM thing, dead good for finding bands you've never heard of. However because it runs in the background I do find myself boogiling to the oddest of things - for example, was just having a wee mini rave to what turned out to be Duran Duran...and I have it set to Rock tis tres odd...mind you had it set to rock and it came up with Justin Timberlake and Lionel Ritchie the other day!

How are the hangovers oh lords and ladies of quiz land? I feel surprisingly better than I have done all week, think the alcohol must've done the trick....however everyone's gone very quiet since my late posting of poetry last night but I shall leave it up as testimony of why you shouldn't blog whilst drunk...let me be a warning to you kids


Billy said...

I was very hungover this morning. My own fault for gulping so much wine last night.

Glad you're feeling better. :)

Jools said...

drank a full bottle of Mr's Gallo's finest and feel so much better for it, or maybe it was the minstrels?

Billy said...

It's got to be the minstrels... there's not much they can't cure!