27 August 2006

Bank Holidays

So in honour of the Bank Holiday I got to thinking about what I would do if any of you lovely readers came to visit me for a weekend.
So this would (in some part) be our itinerary
First I would come and meet you from perhaps here or here
Then we'd retire here for a nice cup of this
After a good old chinwag I'd take you here so you can go awwww
Then perhaps I might take you here for a bit of shopping and a spot of lunch, before retiring here for the evening with one of these

If you managed all that exciting stuff then we'd probably go here, as its one of my favourite places, even though it tends to be frequented by wellie wearers. We'd then have to have a crack at this
Followed by of course some drinking in one of these (great music)
and would finish off the evening with a whole load of this and this

So then - who's up for it?

More importantly what would you do if I came to see you, alright for you big city folks but what about the rest of us stuck out in the back of beyond - where would you take me for entertainment?

*switchpod is still being a complete arse wipe *sigh*

**Update** Of course I forgot to say that if you were up to it I'd take you here and at some point would make you some of this and perhaps some of this.


Billy said...

"finish off the evening with a whole load of this and this"

Well having followed the links to to those pictures, all I can say is 'See you at Swindon station in a couple of hours.'

Jools said...

Now you'd have to be more precise than that young Bills - I can't go wandering round Swindon station looking for small furry mammals, its full of undesirables you know! ;)

Billy said...

I'd be the only quiffed small furry animal in the vicinity, I can be sure of that.

Istvanski said...

Aahh, see....I knew it was Swindon!