27 August 2006

We have lift off...

At long last I've managed to up shot the 2nd pod - most of the problem was switchpod but I was also exhibiting fliddy behaviour by forgetting to compress the file, so couldn't upload cause 'it won't fit it's too large' (yes ladies I can hear you sniggering and saying 'if only' from here).

Enjoy - comments pleasey weasy

Pod 2


Istvanski said...

Another superb Comfy Pants Podcast Production.

Get yerself down to the pub and have a few halves by way of celebration.

Then, you could always go scrumping after dark at chucking out time.

Billy said...

Wow! That was brilliant stuff. Loved it.

However, you finished up with the very track I was planning to play and dedicate you in my forthcoming podcast. There was a rather loud splutter of disbelief when I realised what it was.

Bah. At least I was thinking along the right lines...

Jools said...

Isi - thanks very much, ooh scrumping now theres a thought
Bills - aww thanks, oops sorry if only I'd known, weird though huh?