17 August 2007

You know you're really old when....

Posted 01 Jul 2007

trying to extricate a train ticket from a complicated piece of technilogical equipment 2 kindly young gentlemen come up to assist you by handily pointing out that you need to press the big button on the screen!

Cheeky fuckwits, yes I'm not a complete biffer, I do understand that it's a touch screen and to get it to work I cannily need to touch it!

Its at this point you can hear your inner monologue reciting 'Do you even remember leg warmers, I've had more sherbet dib dabs than you've had hot dinners'.

Yup its official guys, according to the youff of the country, I'm old and in need of help. Ner mind at least I can say 'organic growth' and not just be referring to and then giggling at an erection.

*hee hee

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