16 August 2007

The continuing tales of OCD Boy

Posted 24 Jun 2007

Now in full from the Russell Howard Show:

Following last week's scintillating adventure amongst the perilous peas of his local supermarket. OCD boy has decided he needs some R&R to calm the chaos and soothe his soul.

Knowing his favourite relaxation technique is to spend time with some of his mates; he quickly whips out his mobile and makes some frantic calls to people who really should have better things to do with their time than attempt to play footie in a small garden in the football challenged town of Swindon.

Fortunately for OCD boy none of his friends lead very exciting lives and before he knows it he has a queue of friends on his doorstep insisting that he provides them with beer and food.

Fearing a riot he quickly escapes to the kitchen to rustle up one of his 'infamous' dinner party recipes. Wrestling with his '101 things to do with sprouts' book he quickly produces the most sumptuous meal known to man.

The amassed hordes of hungry young men tuck into the glorious grub and the riot is quickly averted.

OCD boy can once again rest easily as his superhero powers ensure that all is well in the world again and the game 'top trumps' takes on a whole new meaning as the sun sets over his perfect patio.

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